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2024 Election is Vital for America
Understand the Key Issues
Follow the Roadmap
Require Candidates to Tell Us Where They Stand and Take the Pledge

American Contract 2024
Identifies 24 Points
Vital to the United States for a Prosperous Future &
Holds Elected Officials Accountable
With a Signed Pledge to Protect 24 Key Issues.

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Hold your elected officals accountable. Ask them to sign the pledge.

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What are the 24 Points?

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Make America Great Again Now!

At this critical moment in history, The United States can survive and thrive only through the fearlessness, discernment, and determination of enough of her people.

Existential threats to the United States and its citizens are current, urgent and complex –
If we fail to address them with courage and discernment now, we may soon lose all that we hold dear.

We must become informed and active – Passionate Patriots – we need to know the important topics and questions to ask, and how to hold our government, its officials and employees accountable IN REAL TIME for their decisions and actions. To do this, we need reliable and accurate information which is often not currently available, or it is intentionally disguised to keep us from being awake and aware.

This site lists and explains the critical points necessary to maintain our freedom and liberty. It identifies the existential threats facing our country and encourages everyone, especially the elected and appointed governmental employees from local to state to national to do their part to Protect the Points and Reclaim Our Rights (“ROR”).

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